Ron McKinnon

Your member of parliament for

Coquitlam-Port Coquitlam

Ron McKinnon

Your member of parliament for

Coquitlam-Port Coquitlam



I am very pleased to support this bill with my colleague Mr. McKinnon. It will save lives and supports our comprehensive harm reduction and drug policy.

The Honourable Jane PhilpottFederal Minister of Health, MP for Markham—Stouffville

New Brunswick is pleased to offer its support in the continued work related to seeing this bill become legislation.

The Honourable Victor BoudreauMinister of Health, New Brunswick

Good Samaritan legislation would be another approach to reducing harm by removing barriers for overdose witnesses to call for help, ultimately increasing the chances of preventing a fatal incident. The Ministry of Health (of Alberta) supports the intent of this legislation and is looking forward to seeing the support it garners from the House of Commons.

The Honourable Sarah HoffmannMinister of Health and Deputy Premier

If passed into law, the Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Act would support our ongoing work to ensure that emergency services are called more often when overdoses occur." "We are in the midst of a public-health crisis, which requires coordinated action from multiple levels of government. The federal Good Samaritan Overdose Act would provide reassurance and encourage individuals to call for assistance in the event of an overdose, potentially saving lives.

The Honourable Terry LakeMinister of Health, British Columbia

Drawing on my 20 years of experience as an emergency room doctor, I can say with confidence that if passed, Bill C-224 will save lives.

Dr. Doug EyolfsonEmergency Room Physician and Liberal MP for Charleswood-St. James-Assiniboia-Headingley

This bill will serve to reinforce the message that both health and law enforcement have life saving as a priority. I sincerely urge all parliamentarians to vote to support this bill.

Dr. Perry KendallBritish Columbia Provincial Health Officer

In any situation that police attend, our first priority is to sustain life. The sooner that police and other first responders arrive at a scene, the better our chances of saving lives. This proposed Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Act will assist us with doing just that and, at the same time, remove the legal repercussions that people feel will occur in a drug overdose situation. Police are not only concerned with community safety but also community wellness.

Chief Chris RattenburyChief Constable: Port Moody BC Police

We are pleased to work with the office of Liberal MP Ron McKinnon in support of his private member's bill in parliament.

Lisa LapointeBritish Columbia Chief Coroner

Bill C-224 is a necessary step to reducing this fear and resultant morbidity and mortality from opioid overdose.

Ontario Medical Association

I believe this bill addresses in a meaningful way that some deaths could be prevented if treated quickly and that many people, who could assist, are afraid to call 911 for fear of getting charged. For these reasons, it has my support and I hope the support of the House of Commons.

Mike FarnworthMLA for Port Coquitlam, NDP

Our first concern has to be for life safety, and if knowing they will not face charges while trying to assist, given even a few people the courage to contact authorities and save a life, then I agree that your proposal is warranted and important. I believe, having spoken to our Chief, that this is the reality of how these situations play out 'in the field', and that being the case, the act will also provide some comfort to our officers who may feel they are EXPECTED to react in these situations to a criminal activity rather than making life safety the highest priority.

Mayor Mike ClayMayor of Port Moody and Chair of the Port Moody Police Board

As we face an epidemic of drug overdose fatalities, we need to remove any impediment that delays a 911 call. The person who calls 911 to help someone in a medical crisis shouldn't be punished for it.

Richard StewartMayor of Coquitlam

Ron McKinnon, MP Coquitlam – Port Coquitlam has introduced a lifesaving private member’s bill that we hope the rest of the Tri-City municipalities will support and that all Canadians can get behind. It is the right thing to do - to help those in need of medical attention and/or intervention.

Coquitlam FirefightersIAFF Local 1782

This Act, should it become law, could save lives with a timely call for Fire and EMS Services.

Port Coquitlam FirefightersIAFF Local 1941

SAPH is supporting Bill C-224- The Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Act – sponsored by Ron McKinnon, Member of Parliament for the riding of Coquitlam-Port Coquitlam. If passed, this bill will protect 911 callers who witness an overdose and remain at the scene from being charged with drug possession (Parliament of Canada, 2016). Without this protection, people who have overdosed on fentanyl or other opioids will continue to be at risk of dying. Please contact your Member of Parliament in support of this important life-saving legislation.

Student Advocates for Public Health (SAPH)Health Advocacy Group, University of Alberta

In an overdose situation, quick action is essential and Good Samaritan legislation removes a well-documented barrier to calling 911. It sends a powerful message to the community that saving lives is the number one priority when in the presence of a suspected overdose.

Donald MacPhersonDirector, Canadian Drug Policy Coalition

The Council for the City of Port Coquitlam has adopted the following resolution: 'The Port Coquitlam supports Bill C-224: The Good Samaritan for Drug Overdose Act.

City of Port CoquitlamCity Council

Thank you for bringing forward this private member's bill. I hope you are successful because I believe if passed, it will help save lives when seconds can count.

Craig HodgeCouncillor, City of Coquitlam

The act seeks to provide a great public service.

Terry O'NeillCouncillor, City of Coquitlam

Canadians need to face the fact that overdose from substance use does not discriminate; it can and it does happen to anyone’s child. Ending the fear of criminalization when someone is in an overdose crisis will save countless lives. Good Samaritan Law, in place and practice, is simple common sense.

Donna D MayFounding Member,

When the fear of criminal sanctions leads people to put their own life or the lives of others at risk we need to examine our priorities. The Good Samaritan Law is a practical approach to removing the barriers to calling 911 in cases of overdoses. Based in our review of the evidence and our own study this Private Member’s Bill would go a long way towards making the saving of lives our highest priority. Who could argue with that?

Christiane SadelerExecutive Director, Waterloo Region Crime Prevention Council

A harm-reduction approach to addiction is needed to stop overdose deaths as the problem seems to be increasing in B.C., according to the provincial coroner. Last year, the BC Coroner's Service logged 465 apparent illicit drug overdose deaths, considered 'accidental' or 'undetermined' — a 27% jump from the previous year. It's time we stopped thinking of people who abuse drugs and alcohol as morally bankrupt and consider the misuse of these substances for what they are: a health issue. Thus, we support rookie Liberal MPs Ron McKinnon's private member's bill — the Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Act — that would provide amnesty from being charged with drug possession to those who call in an overdose. It's a sensible bill, as Port Coquitlam council agreed, when it unanimously backed McKinnon's proposed legislation. Let's see more measures like this to save lives.

Tri-City NewsEditorial

This will save lives.

Peterborough County-City Health UnitPeterborough Drug Strategy Partnership

Respondents reported that 911 was called just 46% of the time at the last witnessed overdose, the primary barrier cited being fear of police presence and the potential for criminal charges. By contrast, call rates for cardiac arrest are above 90%.

Hersh SehdevExecutive Director: Kingston Community Health Centres

If there was ever a second -best time for a Good Samaritan Law, now is it.

Mike ParkinsonCommunity Engagement Coordinator, Waterloo Region Crime Prevention Council

The Good Samaritan bill would facilitate a national and united shift towards a public health, evidence-based response to the overdose crisis being experienced in many areas across Canada.

Danielle Cousineau, RN(c), BScNClinical Coordinator, Insite

I would be pleased to add my personal support on this important public safety issue.

Michael ThomasSchool Trustee for Port Coquitlam

To hesitate to call for help could mean the difference of life lived fully or one of debilitating results. It is my belief that this bill will provide a safety net for people to do the right thing with out hesitation. Thank you for bring this forward and highlighting the need.

Judy ShirraSchool Trustee for Port Coquitlam

The Liberal MP for Coquitlam-Port Coquitlam, Ron McKinnon, recently tabled a private member’s bill titled the Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Act. The bill provides amnesty for drug users who call 911 so they can get medical attention without the fear of prosecution. It will save the lives of vulnerable drug victims who want to avoid overdosing without criminalizing those who need help to escape the strong grip of drug addiction.

Column: Compassion, not prison, is the answerAdel Gamar, Tri City News

It could have saved my brother's life...

Video: Vanessa BeaudoinSister of Depak Beaudoin

Port Moody BC Police Chief Constable Chris Rattenbury supports this bill...

Video: Port Moody Chief Constable Chris RattenburyPort Moody Chief Constable

It's going to help save lives, and that's important...

Video: Mike FarnsworthMLA for Port Coquitlam

This act will save lives...

Video: Linda ReimerMLA Port Moody-Coquitlam

I'm very proud to support Ron McKinnon's Bill..."

Video: Selina RobinsonMLA for Coquitlam-Maillardville

Reducing Barriers to seeking help will save lives. The Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Act would help remove one of those Barriers and thus is deserving of support...

Video: Michael EgilsonChild Death Review Unit director and Manager Child and Youth Health at Government of British Columbia

Help others save others' lives...

Video: Mayor Greg MooreMayor of Port Coquitilam

A piece of common sense legislation...

Video: Glenn PollockCouncillor Glenn Pollock, Port Coquitlam

If it saves one life in this community or others, it is absolutely worth supporting...

Video: Bonita ZarrilloCouncillor for the City of Coquitlam

There`s an opportunity to save a life; that is the whole purpose of this bill.

Video Jenny Kwan, MPMP for Vancouver East

Nobody should be afraid to reach out for medical help during the case of an overdose.

Video: Kamal Khera, MPParliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Health

People need to feel comfortable about calling for help.

Video: Darwin FischerINSITE Vancouver

This act will save lives.

Video: Brie JeffreyDrug Users Resource Centre

It was wonderful to hear such a passionate speech about something that obviously means a great deal to the member.

Video: Kevin Lamoureux, MPParliamentary Secretary to the Government House Leader

This will help keep families together.

Video: Dorothy Furness, Nancy Furness and Katie Furness-Moore

Granting amnesty to Good Samaritans is a simple answer.

Video: Wayne Stetski, MPMP for Kootenay - Columbia

J'appuie le project de loi C-224.

Vidéo: Will Amos, députéDéputé de Pontiac

I want people to be able to call 911 and save lives without worrying.

Video: Adam PrytulukRain City Housing 3030 Gordon Project

People aren't calling 911 because they are scared of repercussions.

Video: Kaitlun AdairPrimary Care and Addictions Nurse at Insite

This would be helpful. It would have saved a life.

Video: David MendezMember at Drug Resource Users Centre